The Herzl Law

The Herzl Law
In 2004 the Israeli Knesset passed the Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl Law (In Commemoration of His Memory and His Work), 5764-2004.

The purpose of the Law is, “to inculcate future generations with the vision, legacy and activity of Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl, to honor his memory, to teach future generations and to effect the creation of the State of Israel in accordance with his Zionist vision, together with its institutions, its objectives and its image.”

The Knesset stated in the law that “Herzl Day” would have the status of a national day of mourning and therefore, once a year on the 10th of Iyar, Herzl’s birthday, Herzl Day will be observed in various ways:

A state memorial service will be held on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem; “time will be set aside in schools and on IDF bases for studying Herzl’s activities and his vision; a conference in memory of Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl will be held in Jerusalem, where topics relating to Zionism will be discussed in the spirit of Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl’s vision.”

Furthermore, ahead of the date and on Herzl Day, “valuable educational activities will be conducted at the nation’s institutions… scholarships will be awarded to pupils and support will be given to public institutions that work to fulfill the goals of this Law, including holding ceremonies and educational activities at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem…”

On Herzl Day, or a suitable occasion close to that date, the Knesset plenum will convene for a special session to mark Herzl Day, schools will conduct memorial services in Herzl’s memory, the state media will be required to talk about his heritage, and IDF soldiers will also be obligated to study the legacy of the visionary of the State on that day.