Welcome to Herzl Museum

The new Herzl Museum includes a spectacular audio-visual encounter with the visionary of the Jewish State. The presentation provides a thought provoking 60 minute look into the Jewish world according to Herzl’s insights. The visit to the museum allows one to be an active participant in understanding Herzl’s bold aspirations and disappointments during his stormy personal journey. Through the encounter with Herzl’s great achievements, the visitor senses himself a part of Herzl’s enduring heritage.

One of the Center’s underlying principles is creating a bridge between past and present, which will promote Herzl’s legacy and his Zionist vision among the younger generation, in order to ensure a Jewish future with values, vision and imagination.

The new Herzl Museum is a unique educational center that offers a hands-on encounter with the Zionist Movement and its founder, Binyamin Ze’ev (Theodor) Herzl. The design of the Museum is young and modern, and it describes Herzl as a person and a leader, using contemporary language and spectacular audio-visual technology.

The Museum is located at the entrance to Mt. Herzl, and visits there can be combined with guided tours to the Leaders of the Nation Cemetery, the Military Cemetery, and other national sites.

The Herzl Center was built on the 100th anniversary of Herzl’s death, in order to depict the impact and power his activities had on our contemporary reality. The audience joins Herzl on a journey to Zionism, accompanying him as he formulates his positions, identifying with his hopes and disappointments, and understanding the importance of the legacy he left behind while examining the challenges we presently face.

Herzl’s ideas and the theory underlying the Zionist Movement have had an impact on all of us and have made their mark on the path of our history. A visit to the Museum allows us to conduct a thought-provoking dialogue between the past and present, and to examine how we envision the future.

The general public is invited to take part in a unique experience and benefit from educational enrichment while also enjoying a pleasant time. Youth and educators, soldiers and students, adults and new immigrants – everyone is invited to become reacquainted with the Zionist vision and to see how it is being realized.

The Herzl Center was established by the Department for Zionist Activities of the World Zionist Organization, which was founded by Herzl himself at the First Zionist Congress; in cooperation with the Jerusalem Foundation and with support from the Jewish National Fund, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and the Jewish Colonial Trust.